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Horsham Township Library | 435 Babylon Road Horsham, PA 19044-1224  |  Phone: (215) 443-2609  |  Fax: (215) 443-2697
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First Notes Music Morning--First Notes Kids: 10:15 AM
First Notes Music Morning--Pre-K Music: 11:15 AM
Summer Reading Club Begins: 12:30 PM
Baby/Toddler Story Time (Drop-In): 10:30 AM
Preschool Story Time (Drop-In): 1:30 PM
Race Against Time with Sciencetellers: 7:00 PM
Coloring For Adults: 10:30 AM
Crafternoon 1: 1:30 PM
David Darwin--One Man Sideshow: 7:00 PM
Young Players Video Game Day: 2:00 PM
Family Movie Night--Zootopia: 6:30 PM
Silver Screen Spectacular: 6:00 PM
Midday Movie Madness: 1:00 PM
The Hungry Games! with Tom Crowl: 7:00 PM
Teen Video Game Day: 2:00 PM
Library Board meeting: 7:00 PM