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The Horsham Township Library promotes literacy, cultural enrichment and a sense of community by providing Horsham's citizens with information resources, programs, expert staff assistance, and a hospitable place to exchange ideas.


Policy Manual

Code of Conduct

Grievance About Library Resources


  1. To promote development of literacy among very young children and to be an educational and reading center for school age children by developing a collection of high quality materials and a schedule of programs that stimulate learning and thinking.

  2. To be both a center for access to technology and a "knowledge navigator," promoting citizens' information literacy by helping them sift and evaluate information from many different sources. The library will:

    • use its website to gather, disseminate and connect citizens to useful information;

    • contract for access to relevant electronic resources for its community;

    • maintain an up-to-date, reliable computer network with access to useful software;

    • offer workshops to teach library users to use information technology and evaluate information resources.

  3. To serve as a community meeting ground by offering space for formal group meetings and by maintaining an environment conducive to informal meeting, social networking, fellowship, and the exchange of information and ideas.

  4. To be a destination for teens by offering a relevant collection of library materials, a convivial place to meet friends, and an interesting schedule of programs and activities. To encourage teens to use library resources to further their academic pursuits by cooperating with local public and private schools on reading, service learning, and other programs. The library will cooperate with local public and private schools to encourage teens to use library resources for academic pursuits.

  5. To be a community information center for Horsham Township by collecting and sharing information about community groups and their activities.

  6. To be the community's resource for lifelong learning by:

    • maintaining a collection of useful, current publications and information resources in all appropriate formats,

    • offering access to information resources outside the library, and

    • offering informative programs on a variety of subjects.

  7. To serve all residents of Horsham Township and the Hatboro-Horsham School District in Montgomery County, and through state-sponsored reciprocal borrowing programs to share resources with residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  8. To strive to continuously improve service for the library's customers.

  9. To review regularly these goals of the Horsham Township Library and, if necessary, revise them in the light of new developments.

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