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An Update on Construction

You may have noticed some construction equipment around our parking lot and some noise in the building. We're very happy to report we are having some much-needed cosmetic work completed on our building to start the summer! Our worn wood siding is being replaced with lovely brown wood-look siding and we're quite happy with how it looks:

You can see the difference in the above picture: the upper area features the new siding. It brings a fresh new look to our building and is highly weather resistant and will last a very long time. We're particularly happy with how things look out front:

We will get our sign back once the job is finished.

In addition to this cosmetic work, we will also be installing a new flat roof to prepare for our new solar panels! This project is years in the making and we're quite excited to see it all in action.

There will be no hinderance to the parking lot or the library in general; we will remain open and you will still be able to come in and enjoy Summer Reading along with us.


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