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Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz reviewed by Swarith (Grade 9)

Infiltrate. Befriend. Sabotage.

Alan Gratz’s "Projekt 1065" is a page-turning novel that tells a suspenseful story showing readers about sacrifice and difficult decision making. This novel is a winner in my opinion.

It's the height of World War II. Michael O'Shaunessey, son of the Irish ambassador to Nazi Germany, lives with his family in Berlin. But Michael, like his parents, is a spy. He joins the Hitler Youth Committee in his school to get important information about the war to his parents. However, one day a boy named Fritz joins the Hitler youth and shows Michael the plans for Projekt 1065, a jet fighter plan that can help the Nazis win the war. Michael knows he must steal the blueprints from Fritz and warn the allies. Will Michal be able to inform the Allies in time, or will he get caught?

Alan Gratz explores the idea of sacrifice. He wants us to know that sometimes you need to be willing to help benefit the greater good no matter the cost. Michael’s situation is a prime example. Throughout the book, Michael is forced to do things he wouldn’t normally do like pretending he is a Nazi so he can help the Allies win the war. This connects to the reader because as we know self-sacrifice is a major thing for humans as we are aware how precious life is and to sacrifice ourselves for another person is tremendous.

With its engaging conflict, Projekt 1065 makes you want to keep tuning the page. This brilliantly crafted novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats and ready to jump all because of Michael’s life-threatening decisions and actions. Older children and teenagers who like books with lots of action and a twist of suspense will find this novel a great read. The book should appeal to all readers in the grade range of fifth through eighth. I would say that this novel is replete with fascinating historical insight. With short, action-packed chapters, it is a great choice for reluctant readers. This novel is a winning combination of action, suspense, and historical setting.

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