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Links to our digital book collections

Overdrive downloadable digital collection. 

Overdrive collection of downloadable eBooks and audio-books

The Overdrive collection offers eBooks in EPUB, PDF and Kindle formats and audio books in MP3  format. The core collection is funded by the Montgomery District Library Center. Horsham Township Library supplements this collection by purchasing additional copies and titles. To view the widest selection, log in to your account using your Horsham Township Library card, then search the Overdrive library.

Ebsco eBooks   

EBSCOhost eBooks
The EBSCOhost collection of eBooks, funded by the State Library of Pennsylvania, is part of the Pennsylvania On-Line World of Electronic Resources (P.O.W.E.R. Library) and may be read on-line. Horsham Township Library has purchased a supplementary license enabling township residents to download these titles to a portable reader (Nook, Sony eReader, Kindle, iPad, etc.)

Click here to link to the EBSCOhost eBook collection and sign in using your Horsham Township Library card.

   Zinio newsstand of downloadable magazines

Zinio is a collection of over 100 downloadable magazines you can read via the browser on your computer or using an App on your portable digital device.

To use Zinio, follow the link to the Zinio website and create a new account. Follow the directions in the Zinio for Libraries - Library Collection and Check Out Guide. Download the Zinio App from the app store for your eBook reader, smartphone, or tablet PC so that you can take digital magazines with you wherever you go.



Baker & Taylor Axis360

Axis360 is a collection funded by the Friends of the Horsham Library. The collection is currently compatible with iPads, Kindle Fire, and any smartphones and tablets that use the android operating system. Compatibility with older Barnes & Noble Nook and similar devices may require use of Adobe Digital Editions software and a USB cable to manage downloads between your home computer and eReader.

To use eBooks in this collection you will need to sign in using your Horsham Township Library card. Visit the site. Click the button labeled "Get the Reader" to install the free app on your mobile device or click the Adobe Digital Editions link to download the Adobe software. Then select the book you would like to check out. Download books you checked out using the app or the Adobe Digital Editions software.

The Technical Support staff at Baker & Taylor has designed several YouTube videos to illustrate how to install Apps on your Apple or Android devices. Click the link to visit the Axis360 YouTube Channel.

OneClick Digital

   OneClick Digital eBooks & downloadable audiobooks

OneClick Digital is an online service from Recorded Books that allows residents of Montgomery County to check our ditigal audiobooks and eBooks. Some titles offer multi-access so multiple users can check out a given title at the same time. OneClick Digital is compatible with all popular listening devices and mobile apps are available for the iPhone®, Android®, and Kindle Fire. Patrons can get free technical support by calling 1-877-77AUDIO.

Other sources of eBooks on the Internet

A number of Internet websites offer access to eBooks you can read online for free, or purchase for your eBook reader.  View a list of links to these sites.


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