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Gifts of Computers and Equipment

The library welcomes gifts of computers and office equipment if items are in good working condition (new or gently used). Computer equipment should be capable of operating under the Windows XP or MAC OS X operating systems. Please contact the library director before bringing any items to the library.

Individuals or businesses may be able to deduct donated property on their Federal Income Tax returns. Internal Revenue Service rules prohibit the library from appraising items donated to it; however, the library is happy to give donors a letter acknowledging the gift. See the IRS Publication #561 Determining the Value of Donated Property for information about establishing the value of donated items.

The library limits the number of different types and generations of computer operating systems it supports in order to manage its local area network efficiently. For this reason, older computer equipment may not be useful to the library. If the library is not able to use your gift, the following organizations accept and refurbish computer equipment for distribution to disadvantaged families and non-profit organizations in the community:

960 West Rittenhouse Road
Audubon, PA 19403
Tel: 610-666-1795
Fax: 610-666-1798
web site: www.teamchildren.com
Nonprofit Technology Resources
1508 Brandywine St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Tel: 215-564-6686
Fax: fax: 215-564-6642
Contact: Stan Pokras
web site: http://NTRonline.org
North Light Community Center
175 Green Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Contacts: Irene Madrak, Ed DiMadia

For information about recycling surplus computer equipment in environmentally responsible ways, see the list of "Computer Recyclers and Reusers in Pennsylvania" posted on the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection website.

Caution: remember to fully and completely delete any personal and/or proprietary information from computer hard disk drives before donating or recycling any equipment. Guard against identity theft or loss of confidential data. Re-format your disk drive before giving it away!

Please call the library if you have any questions about donating computers or other equipment.

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